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Recorded at Rotary Records in West Springfield, MA. Balance is comprised of all original songs written by the band members.



Artist: The Kings
Label: Rotary Records
Release Date: 1-4-2013
Genre: Rock

About Album

Recorded 2012 by Warren Amerman at Rotary Records, West Springfield, MA

  • Featuring Ed Linehan, Sax on “Crazy Checks”
  • Zoe Darrow, Violin on “Far Far Away”
  • Twink, Backup Vocals on “Movin On”

Special thanks to Mary Coburn, Phil King, Joe Carreira, and all our friends and family who continue to support us.

For all you do, this band’s for you!


1. Crazy Checks 4:39
2. Tide 6:12
3. Rise 3:12
4. So Sorry 6:08
5. Far Far Away 3:51
6. Lost Reason 4:25
7. 1993 4:18
8. Long Gone Girl 4:18
9. Movin On 4:49
10. Cursive J. 4:42
11. Another Scar 3:47
12. Miracle on Mattoon Street 4:26